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продажа квартир осокорки

Уникальная квартира в ЖК «Status Grad» на Днепровской Набережной. Ближайший дом от метро Осокорки. Дом монолитно-каркасный бизнес класса.

В квартире выполнен дизайнерский ремонт с использованием лучших материалов и отличной функциональной планировкой. Состоит из просторной кухни-студио гостиной и спальни.

Ремонт делался для себя, а не под продажу или аренду. Квартира полностью укомплектована современной техникой и мебелью. Прекрасное месторасположение для жизни. Рядом Спортлайф, Новус Аркадия, River Mall и вся инфраструктура вокруг метро Осокорки.

Парковка для авто на территории комплекса.

купить квартиру метро осокорки

From: Tamara
Topic: The need for consent to the sale of the former spouse

Region: Another region

Hello! I ask for your professional help. The bottom line: in 1991, being married, they bought a 2-room apartment and issued it for me. In 1994, divorced through the court (we have a son born in 1979). The apartment is cooperative. There were no property disputes.купить квартиру метро осокорки

By verbal agreement, my husband got a car, my son and I got an apartment. The former husband left for the Russian Federation. But, from the place of registration did not withdraw. I repeatedly asked him about this while he was in touch. Then the connection with him was lost.

 In 2015, I went to court with a lawsuit recognizing the ex-spouse as having lost the right to use the apartment and removal from the place of registration. The court granted the claim. The decision entered into force on September 25, 2015.

купить квартиру метро осокорки

Until today, the former spouse has not challenged the court decision to cancel his registration in the form of an appeal and has not filed a lawsuit regarding a violation of his rights. Now there is a need to sell housing. Is it necessary in this case, given all the above, the consent of the spouse?

Can I dispose of the property alone? Thanks in advance for your reply!

From: Miroslava Subject: Power of Attorney for Divorce

Region: Kiev

Good afternoon.
I am in Qatar, my husband is in Kiev. We want to file a divorce, but I have no opportunity to come.

купить квартиру осокорки

I was informed that I can write a power of attorney and consent to a divorce to my mother, assure her and send a package of documents with my passport, marriage certificate, inn. Please advise if this is the case and could you help with the text of this consent to divorce. Thank.

From: Vladislav
Subject: Buying a car

Region: Another region

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Good evening. We want to buy a car. The question is that we are lending part of the money and want to take it so that we can assure it like that of a notary, and we are also offered to register a car for the person who supposedly lent us the money, and upon paying him he will re-arrange it for us. The question is The catch is that we don’t see money, not cars, then after paying to the borrower.купить квартиру метро осокорки

From: Kostya
Subject: it is necessary to represent the interests of mom in a Polish bank

Region: Another region

Hello! Please tell me: is it necessary to represent mom’s interests in a Polish bank (closing a bank account), what power of attorney must be issued? Or how to do it right? Thank you for your reply.
From: Andrey
Subject: Question!

Region: Kiev,купить квартиру метро осокорки

Hello, I want to ask you
My friend has an apartment and wants to sell it, but he registered two people and they are foreigners and they are not in Ukraine now, how can I bring the paper proves that there is no room in this situation, and in what place can I take ??

продать квартиру метро осокорки

Region: Another region

Hello, tell me, if Grandma died 6 years ago, and we still have not re-registered the apartment (receipts come in her name), what needs to be done?

And one more question, my sister turns 14 this month, there is still no registration whether she needs a statement from her dad, that he agrees that we register it and whether some kind of certificate is being written about on the Internet