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Продажа квартир подольский район киев

3-х комн. Подольский р-н. Пр-т Свободы 44, 9/10 эт , 72/42/9 кв. м. 96 серия, квартира не торцевая, теплая, отопление вертикальное верхнее.

Комнаты раздельные, зал 18 кв.м. просторный с подвесным потолком, кондиционер.Две комнаты 13 и 11 кв.м. квадратной формы отделка – художественная  штукатурка. Уютно и комфортно. Встроенные шкафы – купе.

Новая внутренняя столярка – шпонированная современная модель. Стеклопакеты, новые радиаторы, современный кафель, проведена новая электрическая проводка.

С/у разд. ванная в стадии ремонта. 2 лоджии, одна застеклена, утеплена с отделкой. Подъезд чистый. Рядом зелёная зона, транспорт, магазины, детская поликлиника. Первичные документы.

купить квартиру проспект свободы 44

From: alexey
Topic: buying a house

Region: Another region

Phone: +380666402127

Hello, tell me, please, we want to buy a house, but the documents are made for a man who has already died, and his wife is alive. Can she sell us a house with renewal of documents for us?

From: Elena

Region: Kiev region

Phone: 0935456473


купить квартиру проспект свободы 44

Hello! Please tell me, is it possible to write a power of attorney for the temporary (2 months) residence of my child with my distant relatives, in order to go abroad to conclude an agreement, make a registration and register a child in the kindergarten, so that later I can come and pick it up?
From: Rosalia
Theme: Gift

Region: Kiev region

Phone: +380634961700

Hello. I have a two-bedroom apartment according to a court decision, 2/3 of mine and 1/3 of my ex-husband and 5 of my children are also registered in the apartment (4 of my children with my ex-husband and fifth child with my real husband). I and two younger children are going to leave and we want to solve the housing problem, the older children are not against it either (the two older are adults and another one is almost an adult), but the ex-husband does not give permission to sell the apartment and to discharge one minor child.

 продам квартиру проспект свободы 44

I decided to give older children 1/6 of the apartment, and not give the younger ones until they reach the age of majority or until the sale takes place. Can I give seniors 1/6 each? Do I need permission from the guardian then? Do older notaries need the presence of a notary? What documents need to be prepared (assessment? …)? With uv. Rosalia

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From: Oksana
Theme: Inheritance

Region: Another region

Phone: 0996349310


Is it possible after 6 months to issue an inheritance for several people? There is no will. Death is sudden

From: Mark
Subject: What documents should be issued when buying an apartment.

продажа квартир проспект свободы 44

Region: Kiev

Phone: 0730371333

Good day, I’m buying an apartment in a new building from the developer, what documents do I need to sign / have with a notary, or somewhere else, so that the apartment is 100% mine? I was offered to issue the primary right of ownership. Under the agreement on joint activities. This is it? Thank.

t: Oksana
Theme: gift

Region: Another region

Phone: 0508885569

аренда квартир проспект свободы 44

Hello, when giving a room, do I need an assessment of housing? and who pays the realtor, who hired him or the buyer (gifted)? thank you in advance.
From: Irina
Subject: Drawing up a land sale and purchase agreement

Region: Another region

Phone: 0665124557

Hello! We are registering the land, as Ato’s participants, for farming, we want to sell it very urgently because we need money, is it really possible to draw up a sales contract having Vityag in hand with a cadastral number? thank

From: Lyudmila
Subject: Sell a house

Region: Kiev region

Phone: 0965011364

good afternoon
I want to sell my part of the house 2/3, my brother does not mind, there are those from the documents. passport for my part, and certificate for slump, can.

купить квартиру подольский район

I sell if the land is not privatized and there is no cadastral number? If I can, how much will it cost me?
Thank you in advance! Have a nice day!

From: Sergey
Subject: Real Estate

Region: Kiev

Phone: +380936996159