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Нашим эксклюзивным клиентам мы предлагаем ПОЛНЫЙ КОМПЛЕКС УСЛУГ, связанных с продажей или арендой Вашего жилого или нежилого помещения. Мы также работаем с земельными участками на территории Киева и пригорода. Что бы стать нашим эксклюзивным клиентом Вам необходимо сделать «первый шаг» и созвониться с нами, для того что бы назначить время, непосредственно на объекте недвижимости которое намерены сдавать или продавать, что бы обсудить детали сотрудничества. А дальше сотрудники Агентства недвижимости Киев Сити «прошагают» весь путь за Вас.

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агентство недвижимости оболонский район

Real Estate Issues

Subject: legal process of tearing away a utility room from an apartment on the ground
In those. passport of the apartment on the ground (Odessa, Miskhornaya St., apartment 1-a (1st floor) and apartment 1-b (2nd floor) 4 utility rooms are entered on each side at the ends of apartments 2 – two-storey utility rooms.агентство недвижимости оболонский район

The apartments are built on the ground in the form of a 2-storey building (with a flight of stairs outside to enter the 2nd floor). What is the legal process for the separation of these utility rooms from these apartments and how much does it cost?

агентство недвижимости оболонский район

Answer: Unfortunately, your question does not belong to the competence of a notary. Try to contact a lawyer who specializes in such matters.

Theme: Privatization
Good afternoon, my parents want to privatize the apartment, I am not registered in it, but discharged to study, but have long been registered at the place of residence.

Tell me what documents are needed to refuse privatization and vice versa for privatization on my part. Thank.
Answer: Unfortunately, your question does not belong to the competence of a notary. Try to contact a lawyer who specializes in such matters.


агентство недвижимости киев оболонский район

Subject: Buying apartments
Good day. Say be caress:
1. What can I do buti documents on hand, when buying an apartment in a reserve from a secondary market?агентство недвижимости оболонский район

2. As a rule, when I purchase an apartment, I must register my mother, then how much do I need to reissue myself with my mothers, so that I need to pay the same amount of money for renewal?

Dyakuyu for vіdpovіd. Zavogu, Tetyana.
Vidovid: 1. Vid of the desert: they can have more than one document, in the fallow yakі agreement you entered into them in advance.

агентство недвижимости киев оболонский район

From the secondary market – sale-purchase agreement. 2. Change of ownership rights to the apartment of the mother before you will be able to agree on the purchase and sale agreement or the gift. Zichaino, this procedure is paid.

Subject: Mortgage
Hello, tell me, is it possible to sell a private house without privatizing the land under it?

Subject: Ownership

агентство недвижимости киев сити

Message:агентство недвижимости оболонский район
Hello. Tell me, can I rewrite my 1/4 part of the apartment to my 2 year old son (loan debts, I’m afraid they will take them off to pay off). Thank.

Subject: Distribution of land dilyany, scho in total power
Good afternoon! Please be weasel. We have boutiques in two half at a total amount of moisture with a half. Submitted documents for the privatization of land dilyany.

At the denmark of an hour, the heroes were dismissed for the decision of the Council of Ministers “About the transfer of ownership of land dilyans …”.

Chi can immediately distribute and register the right to land. dilyanka at the notary, and not a hint of restructuring the price at the holder of the register, and then the duration at the notary? But why is it possible to regain the right to split land, transferred from power to notary public, and then from a new one?

агентство недвижимости оболонь

Answer:агентство недвижимости оболонский район

Subject: husband is in the ATO zone
Hello! I have a question! The husband has a share of the earth. But we did not re-register it. It is located in the ATO zone. Can I start this renewal !? They say that a power of attorney is needed. How can we do this?


Eugene Topic: Buying a cooperative garage
Good afternoon. I want to buy a cooperative garage, I was told I need to contact the chairman of the cooperative and fill out a statement with him, the old owner is being discharged, they write me into the cooperative.


Does this statement carry weight? Or need to be carried to a notary public after registration? Or invite a notary with you to a deal?агентство недвижимости оболонский район

What is the procedure? Thank.
Answer: the notary certifies the agreement, which confirms the transfer of ownership of real estate. In your case, most likely the garage is not privatized, since you are offered just this way of selling.

сдать квартиру оболонский район


It is legally correct to call this not a sale, but a change in membership in a cooperative. That is, one member of the cooperative leaves, and the other enters. The exit / entry mechanism is directly determined by the charter of the cooperative. Such an exit / entry is not subject to mandatory notarization. Subsequently, you have the opportunity to register ownership of the garage when collecting a certain list of documents.агентство недвижимости оболонский район

Subject: Certificate of ownership
Message:агентство недвижимости оболонский район
Hello, when renting an apartment, the question arose of how to verify the authenticity of the owner of the apartment, what documents he must provide, and how to distinguish a genuine certificate of ownership? Thank you in advance.
Answer: documents that confirm ownership are different.

For example, the ownership of an apartment can be confirmed by a contract of sale, gift, certificate of inheritance, extraction of title, and many others. And naturally, they are different in form.

Продажа квартир в оболонском районе


If you have never encountered this, it’s worthwhile to continue and describe all the options, this is a very long time. Remember that there are fakes that experts can hardly distinguish. Perhaps you, in order to protect yourself, you need to seek help from a real estate agency or real estate company.агентство недвижимости оболонский район

Subject: Sales of rights to the removal of land