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агентство недвижимости подольский район

Good afternoon. I would like to ask you a question. I want to sell my right to receive 2 hectares of agricultural land, since I am a combatant. did not receive the land, but wanted to sell the right.агентство недвижимости подольский район

I am offered to make a power of attorney for the disposal of land for a person I do not know, and this person will make all the necessary documents for me within 5-6 months and give me the promised 50 thousand UAH.

I would like to find out if this person to whom I will make a power of attorney can tell me so much and give me nothing, if so, what guarantees can I get so that I will not be deceived, or how to do it properly. Thanks for the help.

агентство недвижимости подольский район

Topic: Buying for sale and refurbishing a home
Message:агентство недвижимости подольский район
I bought the house and my refurbishment, I was told that it would cost about 30 thousand, there is some option to make cheaper, I will be grateful to any information.
Answer: It is impossible to answer this question without first studying all the documents. If you are in Kiev, you can sign up for a free consultation with us.

Topic: Renovation of the apartment (self-contained)
Hello. Prompt please. Registered in the apartment of the grandmother who owns it. The apartment was remodeled balcony, so it’s worth a stamp – “samostroy”. According to her, she cannot write to me.

агентство недвижимости подол

Is this true? And how in this case it is possible to redecorate a home for me, that I would be the sole owner? All by her consent.
Topic: Buying a home
Message:агентство недвижимости подольский район
Good day. Please tell us the following. We want to make a deposit for the house. How to do it right and legal. My husband wants to arrange a house for himself, but is currently abroad, Can I give a deposit, but that the papers have his name, or should I wait for him. Please explain to me.

Answer: We recommend that you consider a preliminary contract. Maybe before traveling abroad, your spouse has issued a power of attorney for you just in case, many do so before traveling abroad. In this case it is possible without problems.

агентство недвижимости киев

Topic: The problem with the registration
Message:агентство недвижимости подольский район
Hello, my name is Maxim, I had a problem with my registration, when I was put in a passport in 2014, I was a little mistaken. I live in a private house for 3 owners, the contract of sale and sale stated the ownership of 35 \ 100 parts of the house , the owner is my mother Irina.

House number according to the documents, Mira 43 without apartments, etc., but in the registration, I was told Mira 43 sq. In the house book I recorded.агентство недвижимости подольский район
But when I approached the passport desk, I was told that it was a serious problem, and that I would alter the registration simply on World 43.

агентство недвижимости по продаже квартир

I needed to collect all the owners, and with the documents on the house, passports bring them to the passport desk, so that they would write the consent on my residence at this house.агентство недвижимости подольский район

Please tell me what else can be done, as there is no way to collect and carry everyone, one neighbor is not mentally healthy, and the second is not communicating. How else can you change your registration?

Answer: Unfortunately, your question is not within the competence of a notary. Try to consult a lawyer who specializes in such cases.

агентство недвижимости подол аренда

Subject: Residence registration
Good afternoon. Podskajite please on such question. I want to register in an apartment in which privatization is made for 4 people, their mandatory presence in the process of registration?агентство недвижимости подольский район

Answer: Unfortunately, your question is not within the competence of a notary. Try to contact a lawyer who specializes in such cases.

Subject: State register of encumbrances of movable property

Message:агентство недвижимости подольский район
Hello! Can you check the existence of encumbrances in the State Register of encumbrances for movable property?