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агентство недвижимости соломенский район

Good afternoon. The situation is as follows.
There are 2 apartments.
one owner of the pl. 115 sq.m. (younger sister)
the second 4 in equal shares (61 sq. m.): brother, sister, husband of the sister’s younger sister and son of the younger sister.

In connection with the introduction of real estate tax, there is a desire to redistribute this property.
What is the best way to do this at the lowest cost? As the best option, it seems to me that a deed of gift.
If it is better, I can come to the consultation personally from Monday.
Good afternoon.агентство недвижимости соломенский район

You can draw up a gift agreement, but it would be better for you to drive up for a consultation with the documents for both apartments, after looking at the documents you can calculate the cost of the gift agreement and write a full list of documents necessary for such registration.

агентство недвижимости соломенский район

From: Yana
Subject: How to get permission to sell a part of a house from the second part of a house

Region: Kiev region

Phone: 0962043735

Good afternoon! House for two owners. We want to sell our part of the house, they said that for this we need the permission of the owner of the second half. The owner of the second half died.

агентство недвижимости в соломенском районе

There are two of his daughters who claim his inheritance, but they don’t have documents on hand for the house, they are lost and they don’t have money for registration of the inheritance, they settled tenants there and supposedly collect money for registration in this way.агентство недвижимости соломенский район

It turns out there is no landlord to sign a piece of paper about permission to sell the house. How to get out of this situation. It turns out that they have the right to occupy tenants, although they still do not have the right to inherit, and they do not have the right to sign permission to us ??

продажа недвижимости соломенский район


And they are not in a hurry to formalize their inheritance. What is the way out of the situation, how can we sell our floor at home ??
Thank you in advance !

From: Olya
Subject: Prizes of the soil of the Carpathians

Region: Another region

Good day, in the change to the project for land, garden, land, and land, we recognized the number and cadastral number; Dyakuyu
From: Victoria
Subject: Invitation to a citizen of the Russian Federation

Region: Kiev
Hello. Please tell me how long will it take an invitation to a citizen of the Russian Federation to Ukraine?
From: Marina
Subject: How do I know if I am an heir?

агентство недвижимости  по соломенскому району

Region: Kiev

Hello. Tell me please:
Are there bases in Ukraine where you can find out if any of my relatives bequeathed property to me?

If, in the event of the death of relatives, they will not inform me of their death, how can I find out from other sources?агентство недвижимости соломенский район

From the data there are the names of relatives and my identification documents. Thank you so much for the opportunity to ask a question online.
From: Victor
Subject: Power of Attorney

Region: Kiev

Good afternoon! How much will it cost to issue a power of attorney to drive a vehicle to another person without the right to sell? For how long will such a power of attorney be issued? Thank.

продажа квартир соломенский район

From: Alexandra
Theme: Dovіrenіst

Region: Another region

Meni terminova zabaiti zobiti dovіrenіst on oneself vіd іmenі cholovika.
Pressed mi did not catch zrobiti at once for his presence, the wine vihav in the atom.
As a matter of fact, I can draw up documents. I can register for telephone communication by phone.
From: Natalya
Theme: Gift

Region: Kiev region

Hello. Tell me, how much will a donation for a part of the house cost if the donor is the mother, the recipient is the daughter? I know that relatives of the first line do not pay tax. I read that real estate valuation is not needed in this case either. thank, агентство недвижимости соломенский район
From: Victoria
Subject: Invitation to a citizen of the Russian Federation

агентство недвижимости киев

Region: Kiev

Hello. Please tell me how long will it take an invitation to a citizen of the Russian Federation to Ukraine?агентство недвижимости соломенский район
From: Alexander
Subject: Registration of purchase and sale of a part of an apartment

Region: Kiev

Good evening!
We make out the purchase – sale of 1/2 apartment. When drawing up the contract, the apartment was estimated at about 800,000 UAH (400,000 half, respectively), but due to circumstances, an agreement with the seller at 10,000ue (280000 UAH).агентство недвижимости соломенский район

The notary (Troyeshchina) refused to prescribe these amounts in the contract referring to some checks. Question: how much is it legitimate to register in the contract the market price higher than the purchase price and what this is fraught with for the parties and the notary public (we pay all taxes from the market value).

From: Oleg

аренда квартир соломенский район

Region: Another region

Do you want to be affectionate if you need a notarial protocol dedicated to the protocol of zagalnyh collections of participants TOV?
Is it possible, then, that it is possible to dedicate a signature to one of the participants in the partnership with a nobility holding a video conference?
From: Nelya
Theme: Daruvannya

Region: Another region